• Lighting is one of the best investments you can make in your wedding.


    Pretty fairy lights and candles can add drama and beauty and really draw attention to an amazing venue or make a simple setting, all the more special.


    Fairy lights add a soft and romantic atmosphere to the reception venue on your wedding day. 


    Photographers love fairy lights for the lovely effect it gives in images.


    An affordable way to up the luxury and wow factor at weddings and events.

    Fairy Lights

    SKU: 00002

      Fairy light canopy: 10 x 10 meters or smaller - ideal for 10 - 20 guests: 20,000 baht


      Fairy light canopy: 10 x 18 meters - ideal for 20 - 60 guests: 30,000 baht


      Fairy light canopy: 18 x 20 meters or larger - ideal for 60 - 100 guests: 40,000 baht


      Additional charge may apply for dance floor depending on size and location.